ChaOS - Cultural Humane Art of Science
is an NGO assembled around a motto
Science and Art for Humanity and Culture








Organization Objectives and Mission

ChaOS is an NGO founded with the goal of connecting science and art through realization of transdisciplinary cultural and humane projects and to achieve relevant objectives in the field of science, art, culture, charity, sustainable development, protection of cultural heritage, education, tourism, sport and creative industry.

ChaOS creates a creative space, in which interdisciplinary collaborative artistic pieces are created through a synergy of art and science, with the goal of supporting humane and cultural projects.

Our organization gathers multidisciplinary specialists, scientists, artists and managers in informational areas and creative industry, with the goal of realization and leading interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary creative projects according to our goals.

Through these projects our organization will directly and indirectly deal with education of youth and adults, networking, promotion of cross-border cooperation, integration, assistance to endangered ones, persons with health issues and minorities, deal with addictions of technology and other type of addictions, raising cultural and intellectual consciousness and improving quality of different aspects of community.

Our activities are covering all ages, from the youngest ones, school children, unemployed, workers, up to pensioners, with strong focus on endangered and isolated society members.

ChaOS provides information technology and scientific solutions for fulfilling artistic and cultural ideas, as well as artistic approaches for promotion and increasing engagement and interactivity of scientific projects. We gravitate toward strengthening of a dialog and socio-cultural infrastructure of society as well as expanding and raising cultural, artistic and spiritual consciousness of society.

At ChaOS, we use technology for improvement of experience, with clear direction from technology to human, instead vice versa and instead of insisting on technology “per se”. ChaOS is humane and human-centric.

According to Greek creation myths Chaos (Greek: χάος, khaos) is the initial "gap" created by the original separation of heaven and earth. This disorder is beginning of creation, place to search for inspiration.

In modern world Chaos is a gap in creativity, disharmony between science and art, rational and irrational, the world of reason and the world of emotions, the gap we are trying to bridge, to unite by our organization.


is an open source socio-technological ecosystem for cooperation and dialogue among disciplines, focusing on art and science, for knowledge management and sharing and creation of collective mind and collective intelligence. It facilitate collaboration and promotes efficient behaviours. ColLaboFramework is open source ever evolving system being used around the world. It is modeled and envisioned as part of Knowledge Federation incentives.



is an ecosystem for rapid collective, and multidisciplinary research, education and creation of facts, ideas and emotions. Its outcome is a collective piece of art+research, usually performed for a social change


it is a short but highly energized, intensive and IT-augmented (by ColLaboFramework system) process of brainstormed working on (often complex and urgent) community issues, through collaboration of (engaged) art and science on finding (through collective creativity and wisdom) emotionally-energized solutions and ideas, and orchestrating them in a multidisciplinary interactive playful performance, that has a potential of changing of behaviors and inspiring further research and artistic creation.

More ...

is a world of literature - a literary-ecosystem where readers and researchers can explore books interconnected and augmented in multiple ways; spatial, temporal, entities, writing stylistics, character analysis and cross-book/writers interactions.

platform supports socio-collaborative writing. It brings a set of modern literature-, analysis-, discovery- and social-services around the very process of (co-)writing.

Feel The Sound

is a technological aid for deaf persons to feel the rhythm and music, to provide them means for enjoying in music in dance and related activities.

Projects In prototyping phase


An entertainment+intellectual night of slam poetry and jazz in a Belgrade Club.

A ColLaboArthon instance, envisioned to address actual issues in community by artists and specialists in the field, with goal of creation collective poetic + presentation form, to be accompanied with musicians and integrated in a jazz jamming session.

Event provides Entertainment + Inspiration + Attitude Challenge for club guests.

Belgrade Reader[1]

is a project recognized in Serbia and in the region. It is supported by The Association of Serbian writers[2] 

It is a project for affirmation of books reading and support of creative work of youth. Project succeeded in erecting a statue of A reader in city center.

ChaOS is invited to bring to life, to make interactive and intelligent or/and emotional next Reader sculpture (to be erected on Belgrade Airport)

Pont Poetique / Poetic Bridge

An artistic / literary cross-border project intended to erase borders through cultural cooperation enabled by usage of our CollaboArte system. It is being prototyped and experimented through organized ColLaboArthon events

Hot SPOeTry

Hot Spots for public poetry performance. More coming soon!


We have co-organized several workshops around the world focusing on creativity fostering, solving complex issues and education. We see them as experiments and inputs for co-creation and evolution of our methodologies and systems.

Some of them are:

Workshop Un/Balancing complex systems: Which data to look for? How to build thriving knowledge communities?

BUNB conference[3], Colombia

Teaching about shared knowledge creation and collaborative dialogue through the ecological issue of the Yasuni National Park (Ecuador) - Yasuní-ITT Initiative[4]. Objectives: Practicing art+science collaboration with the CollaboFramework system. Cooperation with Knowledge Federation and Research Arts[5] (Berlin)

Workshop “CollaboFramework @ ITBA'16”

Instituto Tecnológico Buenos Aires[6], Argentina

Teaching and practicing behaviours, technologies and approaches for augmenting and supporting Leadership and Systemic Innovation. Participants: Students of Doctoral Program in Leadership and Systemic Innovation.

International Tesla Congress[7]

Sava Centar, Serbia

ChaOS, in cooperation with Knowledge Federation, promotes and supports organization of this “The History of the Future” event. ChaOS takes part in uniting online and offline worlds of the congress, art and science, future and past, just as Tesla used too and is still doing.

Knowledge Federation Biennial Conference

Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik[8], Croatia

This international conference is envisioned to provide space for experts and business innovators to brainstorm and federate knowledge and actions on topics like “Tools and Practices for the Collective Mind Revolution”. ChaOS, as a federating member of Knowledge Federation, supports its organization, focusing on providing of technologies and methodologies for networking, knowledge sharing and energizing.

Protopia Futurizer[9]

UCLA[10], Larnaca, Cyprus

ChaOS took part in this inspiring community of  evolutionary learning labs, that understands that new education paradigm is emergent and organic, so it cannot be mechanically “assembled”. It can only be grown by those who already hold some of the keys of the future.

ChaOS members were one of educational innovators who want to create a society based on a collaboration, co-creation, collective wisdom, and compassionate development.

We presented our research on collaboration methodologies and organized a ColLaboArthon through 2 workshops - at the 1st we used CollaboFramework to identify challenges in “IT augmented and collaborative Education Systems”; on 2nd we worked on specific ColLaboArthon game mechanics” and emotionally energized content. Presentation/play in the form of Jam Session Flash Mob at UCLA was an outcome of these multiple steps.


ChaOS is strongly interweaved and a federating member of Knowledge Federation - an international community promotes innovation at a new level through the integration of tools and best practices into a system for knowledge work.

In the area of literature and performance projects ChaOS is cooperating with organization Poezin, whose mission is the establishment of a new poetic scene in Serbia and building bridges with similar organizations in the region and the worldwide.